Non interfering

teisho 1336 (2014)

When you have not penetrated the great way it is like silver mountains and iron cliffs. There is the feeling that it is absolutely impenetrable, impossible, there is no where to go. It takes such courage to stand in front of this iron cliff and silver mountain, and not just stand there but to walk straight on.  It is only through bearing the unbearable,  doing the undoable, knowing the unknowable that you can break through.   When you have penetrated, then you find you are the silver mountains and iron cliffs.  You are your own obstruction, it is not that there is a force or karma that is holding you back.  The striving, and what you are striving with, what you are striving against, and that which you are striving for is all one.  Once you can see this the impossible is no longer impossible, there is no effort needed then.

From the point of view of the great way, it does not matter whether you come to awakening or not.  The question is, are you prepared to wake up to the dream or do you want to go on dreaming. The way is perfect like vast space, with no lack and no excess. Our ability to choose prevents our seeing this truth. We choose something and we strive for that;  then we choose something else and strive for that instead. But whatever is before you is your practice, you should not give preference to this or that. If there is a feeling of frustration, that is your practice, or a feeling of boredom, that is your practice; or a feeling of worry, or just a blankness, that is it.  What is necessary is great faith, the faith that you are from the beginning whole and complete. There is nothing that needs to be done. But this does not call for passivity, rather for non interfering, which in turn calls for great vigilance.

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