If you can see into this.

“If you can see into this, you will see we can never be parted.” Words Albert spoke. But what was “this”?. Why did I not ask him? Because I did not need to. I knew what this was, just as you know what it is. It is seeing into the relationship one has. When I hear or read of peoples’ feelings for and love of Albert, I know that this does not end. They cannot be parted. He will always be there for them, for us.

And we should be there for him, to keep his teaching alive. He left behind a lot of books, a lot of teishos to help do this. But most of all, he left that love, that smile, in a lot of hearts.

There was nothing simple about his teaching. One had got to be willing to let go of all the usual attitudes and beliefs. All the do goods and be goods. Far more was asked of one.

A young woman came to him in dokusan and said tearfully that she had cancer. He said in reply: “This is a wonderful opportunity for you. Use it.” And she did. She recovered from cancer and learnt from it.

At the end of his life, he had several illnesses, but they did not stop him from continuing with his teaching. While in hospital, students still came for dokusan, for his teaching, for his love, for his smile.

If you can see into this, you will see we can never be parted. We are one, how can we be parted? One mind, one heart, one love, One.



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2 Responses to If you can see into this.

  1. Gervais Asselin says:

    Beautifully put.

  2. Jerry Mahood says:

    Thank you

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