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Just be

teisho 1286 (2012) Nisargadatta says: “All experience is transient, but the ground of all experience is immovable.” Any experience, no matter how sublime, how profound, how revealing, is still an experience, and as such it is not the ground of … Continue reading

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Prajna Paramita Hridaya

teisho 1116    (2008) Hridaya – that which is basic to it all.  It all goes back to I am.  You cannot pin it down, you cannot say ‘that is it’.  You cannot say anything definitive, but that does not mean … Continue reading

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Peace of mind

teisho 1025  (2006) The big danger with practice is that it becomes a habit;  we do it because we do it. The wellspring of discontent and dissatisfaction, of yearning, can so easily dry up in the sands of habit.  Opening … Continue reading

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A seeing that is being

Teisho 1238  (2010) Buddha said, ‘Life is suffering.’ Suffering is the very fabric of life. One can liken life to a tapestry: experience is the warp, suffering is the weft. Once one realises that pain and suffering are a manifestation … Continue reading

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The Immutable

teisho 683  (1999) When we ask ‘what is Mu?’ and ‘what am I?’ these are not questions in the ordinary sense of the term.  Normally when we ask a question we are wanting information. At a deeper level, we are … Continue reading

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teisho 1125 (2008) It is the need to exist, the insistence on existence, that is the source of our suffering. Existence comes from two words:  ex-which means outside of, and then sistere, to stand. So existence is to stand outside, … Continue reading

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teisho 1229  (2010) What am I?  One of the main problems we have is that we do not know how to ask this question in a meaningful way.  It is possible to hear this question, or read it, or for … Continue reading

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These blogs are usually prepared from a teisho.  This one is different, it is an extract from Albert’s comments in Genjokoan by Zen Master Dogen. A friend had been taken by the previous blog on allowing.   Her husband recently came … Continue reading

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What am I?

teisho 1234 (2013) ‘I am’ and the question ‘what am I?’ are fundamental. Our very life is a question. There is this constant onward thrust;  life is not static, needing to be put into action by outside forces. All life … Continue reading

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Koan 6 in the Mumonkan.

Teisho 1031 (2006) A flower is held up, and the secret has been revealed. Kashyapa breaks into a smile. Buddha said, ” My doctrine implies thinking of that which is beyond thought. Performing that which is beyond performance. Speaking of … Continue reading

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