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The Song of Realising the Way. (teisho 1338, 2014)

People think that reading is taboo in Zen. But time and again you get people who read something and it clicks and they come to awakening. Albert comments that there were many books in his life that were strong pointers … Continue reading

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On Getting Old

It has been a very heavy winter, and we could all do with something to smile about. I found something that made me smile and thought I would share it with you. The lighter side of Albert. This article was … Continue reading

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Attention! – teisho 1329 – 2014

A Zen master was writing calligraphy and a visitor asked, ‘Please master, would you write some Zen wisdom.’ The master wrote, “Attention!” And the visitor asked that he write something more elaborate, more detailed. He explained that he wanted to … Continue reading

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The cause of our sorrow is ego delusion

teisho 1313 -2013 It is important for us to take stock of what we are doing. We can get into a habitual routine. The sense of self gets into habits, patterns, ruts. How many times have you chanted: ‘the cause … Continue reading

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The mindless-mindful state

Normally these blogs are based on a teisho, but when I was on my way to looking at the teishos on the website I noticed the blurb about Zen Gong – the magazine that was published in the earlier days … Continue reading

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Not an ordinary question.

The metaphor that is used for the restless mind is that of the ocean: the bitter ocean of birth and death, which refers to the arising and subsiding of circumstances, wave after wave. We are swept along, from one circumstance … Continue reading

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The Way needs no cultivation

In this teisho one hears Albert struggling with words to express that which is distorted immediately it is put into words. One hears his puffs of exasperation, yet somehow nevertheless the inexpressible comes through. teisho 1337 year 2014 To say … Continue reading

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